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Online Wind Energy Master reaches around the world

Wednesday 03 Oct 18

This fall semester, the team behind the Wind Energy Master programme, welcomes a group of participants of more than twenty nationalities. The group covers most continents and consists of both new and experienced participants. They have set out on a fall semester where they will enhance their skills in areas such as wind resource assessment, offshore wind energy and measurement techniques.

If you would like to join the group and enhance your own skills, take a look at our website or contact us at 

The programme
The full wind energy master consists of nine online courses and a final project, equivalent to one year full time study. You can mix the courses almost any way you like or follow them in a specific way that DTU Wind Energy has recommended. It is also possible to follow one or two courses to your own liking. 

The programme targets individuals who are keen to sharpen their skills in one or more aspects of wind energy engineering, while maintaining a busy schedule.
In summer 2019, the first participants will finish their final projects and graduate as Masters in Wind Energy.