Meet Professor Bredmose

Thursday 18 Oct 18


Henrik Bredmose
DTU Wind Energy
+45 45 25 43 15
Professor Henrik Bredmose teaches at the Wind Energy Master. Get to know him better by reading this article.

When you attend the Wind Energy Master, that DTU Wind Energy offers online, you will meet several excellent teachers. One of them is Professor Henrik Bredmose. He is responsible for the course ‘Offshore Wind Energy’, which is offered during the fall semester.

We have had a little chat with him in order for you to get to know him a little better.

How long have you been teaching all together and specifically at DTU Wind Energy?
I have been teaching since 2008, and in 2012 I started teaching at DTU Wind Energy

Why did you decide to teach on the Wind Energy Master course?
I normally teach a course in offshore wind energy to a class on campus. The present online course is the first chance for me and my co-responsible colleague Anand Natarajan to be on an online teaching platform with a full course. We have put an effort into making clear slides and good videos.  We believe this will really support the participants trough the course.

What is special about teaching an online course compared to a physical course?
The pre-recorded videos need to be well planned and complete. You do not have a blackboard on which you can try to draw stuff and explain. Thus, well prepared material is key. Teaching this online course as continued education puts us in contact with many different operators in the field. This is of benefit for us and the participants when we meet virtually once a week.

I 2012, you were awarded ‘teacher of the year’. What makes you a great teacher?
I try to engage the participants and make them co-owners of the course. We have live Q&A sessions each week where the participants are asked to give a status on their report with a few slides. It is a method, I use in the on campus course and I look forward to testing it in an online setting as well. Generally, we work to create a good atmosphere in the learning environment where all questions are welcome. In addition, we place a good part of the teaching in the written reports so the participants are learning by actively solving the given problems. I believe that self-taught is well taught.