Measurement Techniques in Wind Energy

The focus of the course is measurement techniques used in and around wind turbines, including use of the relevant international standards and evaluation of uncertainty. The course covers subjects such as data acquisition and management, measurement uncertainty and wind measurements as well as measurements of; wind turbine power performance, wind turbine loads and structural response and wind turbine noise.

Learning objectives

After completing this course, the participant is able to:
  • Design outlines of data acquisition systems considering the requirements and the local conditions.
  • Organize wind measurements in a database.
  • Perform quality control on wind measurements.
  • Define the concept of uncertainty for a measured quantity.
  • Identify relevant measurement standards in wind energy.
  • Produce a cup calibration report from wind tunnel measurements including assessment of uncertainty.
  • Analyze wind speed measurements for a wind resource assessment. Determine wind turbine power performance from measurements.
  • Determine structural properties for a wind turbine from measurements.
  • Select the most suitable wind measurement technology.
  • Explain different methods for structural loads measurements on wind turbines.
  • Explain wind turbine noise measurements.


Duration and exam

The course has a duration of 13 weeks and concludes with a written exam.


ECTS points

By completing the course you will be awarded 5 ECTS points, equivalent to 9-10 hours of studying per week.

Course responsible

Senior Researcher Michael Courtney, DTU Wind Energy


Michael Courtney
Head of Section
DTU Wind Energy
+45 21 32 72 48