Grid Connection and Integration of Wind Power

The focus of the course is on grid connection of wind power plants as well as challenges and solutions to grid integration. The participant is introduced to the electrical system connecting the wind turbine generators in a wind farm. Then the power system characteristics are explained in order to understand power system requirements to grid connection of wind farms transforming them into wind power plants. Finally, the wind power plant is introduced as a wind farm, which meets those power system requirements.

Learning objectives

After completing this course, the participant is able to:

  • List basic electrical components in a wind farm.
  • Design the electrical power collection system in a wind farm.
  • Calculate electrical losses in a wind farm under different wind conditions.
  • Analyze voltage profiles in a wind farm under different wind conditions.
  • Describe the basic principles for frequency, voltage and power quality characteristics in a power system.
  • Identify the challenges of integrating wind power.
  • Describe requirements (grid codes) for grid connection of wind power plants.
  • Explain the structure of wind power plant control.
  • Analyze the impact of large-scale wind power on frequency control.
  • Assess the compliance of a wind power plant with requirements to reactive power capability.
  • Evaluate the impact of a wind power plant on power quality.

Duration and exam

The course has a duration of 13 weeks and concludes with a written exam.

ECTS points

Byt completing the course you will be awarded 5 ECTS points, equivalent to 9-10 hours of studying per week.

Course responsible

Senior Researcher Anca Daniela Hansen, DTU Wind Energy


Anca Daniela Hansen
Associate Professor
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 73