The Master of wind energy is offered online

Semester start:

Autumn: 31 August
Spring: 1 February

Application deadlines:

Deadline for Autumn semester is June 1st
Deadline for Spring semester is December 1st


Admission to the programme requires a B.Sc. or B.Eng. degree or higher and at least, two years of relevant working experience.

The relevant working experience could be – but is not necessarily restricted to - employment in:

  • The wind energy industry
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Companies performing environmental assessment
  • Public agencies with responsibilities related to engineering and natural sciences.
  • Since the programme is taught in English, you must have proficient English skills.

Recommended prerequisites
In addition to the admission requirements above, we strongly recommend that you have mathematics and programming skills equivalent to B.Sc. or B.Eng. level or higher.

Note that you can get a small taste of the course topics and the level of difficulty of this programme through our free course 'Wind Energy' on Coursera.

It is unfortunately not possible to transfer ECTS credits from other courses or programmes at DTU or from other universities.

You will need a PC with a stable internet connection to follow the online courses of this programme.


Participating in the Wind Energy Master requires payment of a participation fee. The fees are paid by transfer to a DTU account, prior to each semester. Currently we are not able to offer payment by credit card. Please note that once the fees are registered in the DTU system, there will be no refunds.

Some additional expenses for books and other teaching materials, software and travelling are to be expected. Most literature and software will be available through DTU.

Participation fees

One 5-ECTS course:
DKK 11 000

Final project, incl. supervision and examination:

DKK 34 000

Full programme

DKK 133 000

How to apply

If you wish to apply for admission to the Wind Energy Master programme or individual courses, please fill in the form below and attach the following documents. Note that applications MUST include all the below documents.

Have the following information ready to complete your application:

  • Letter of motivation. Max. 1 page. Your letter is a part of the application and will count towards the total assessment of your application.
  • CV. Clearly state where you have worked, in what period, and what relevant assignments you have carried out.
  • Proof of employment. In order to document that you are eligible for the programme, we need to have a short confirmation from your employer. This can be as short as a few lines in an email. Recommendations are also welcome.
  • Passport. A scan of the pages that give your name, date and place of birth and the expiration date. 
  • Diploma(s) for prior education. The diplomas should be Certified diploma(s) in English.
  • Transcript of Grades: an overview of your grades from your prior education in English.

When we have received your application, we will carry out a screening for both the formal and academic admission requirements. There may be a limit on the number of participants that we can accept per semester.

You will be notified about the outcome by email no later than two months after registration has closed.