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DTU Wind Energy Master Online Programme

The Wind Energy Master programme is a web-based education with a broad academic profile. The programme covers all essential aspects of wind energy engineering based on the research activities taking place at the DTU department of Wind Energy, and is accredited by the Danish Accreditation Institution to ensure quality and relevance. The Master of Wind Energy courses are taught by leading experts working at DTU Wind Energy.     

The master programme offers great flexibility and allows you to fit courses in to a busy schedule. You can study online anytime and anywhere with videos, assignments, discussion fora etc. You will receive individual supervision and feedback from course lecturers and become part of the Wind Energy Master community. 

Tailored study plan for your specific needs

You can follow the specific course(s) of your needs, or choose to join the full programme. To become a Master of Wind Energy, you will have to complete all nine courses as well as a final project. The flexible study plan allows you to choose a workload that fits into your schedule and complete the full programme over the course of two to four years.   

Learn more about how to create your personal study plan.